BREAKING: /r/Bitcoin And /r/BTC To Set Aside Their Differences And Come Together To Talk Shit About /r/XRP


REDDIT, Internet – Long-time forum adversaries /r/bitcoin and /r/BTC have reportedly set aside their differences to talk shit about centralized, real-time settlement system xRapid. Tensions have recently been high in the crypto community, as numerous initiatives and startups have decidedly chosen to work along banks as opposed to against them have been gaining traction.

“It makes my blood boil,” says /r/BTC moderator and Bitcoin Cash proponent /u/MemoryDealers. “These hacks are a disgrace to the cryptocurrency space. They’re not decentralized, and they’ll never be one of us. Just so you know, I was a millionaire before Bitcoin, and I’ll be damned if you’re not aware of that.”

Controversial /r/bitcoin moderator /u/theymos had this to say:

“Look, you can’t just build technology that will streamline global banking – this isn’t Blade Runner or something. Banks have to be destroyed, otherwise Blockstream won’t be able to afford to pay me anymore, my bitcoin holdings won’t ever allow me to retire, and I’ll have to get a real job. If you’ve seen me on /r/bitcoin, you know how poor my social skills are. If I have to go to work at Waffle House again, I don’t think I’d stand a very good chance.”

When each user was asked if their portfolio contained any XRP (The token that powers Ripple’s xRapid platform), they declined to publicly state. Although at press time, /u/MemoryDealers did privately message a member of our staff, confirming if they had heard what he said earlier, that he was a millionaire before Bitcoin.

The block-size debate has been fuming for years, having kept the community divided and fostering an unfortunate ‘X is better than Y’ dynamic. However, the two factions have found common ground in a mutual disgust for XRP. Never before has a currency-agnostic ideology been so wide spread.

Photo by on Unsplash


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